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Review from M Dressler

I am so honored to have had my book reviewed by the award winning author Mylène Dressler. She’s a friend and colleague at Guilford College, and she’s achieved much, much more in the world of fiction than I have, but she was still willing and excited to help me with my writing and encourage me to persevere. Such a wonderful person.

I highly recommend her most recent book, The Last to See Me, a haunting tale of spirits, anger, and loss set on the rocky coast of northern California. I’ve loved everything of hers I’ve read, but this one is definitely something special. I reviewed it when it came out on Goodreads here.

Her review of Flames Over Frosthelm is here.

Amazonian praise

The book has received two new Amazon reviews – one from a user who doesn’t post too many reviews:

And another from a user who posts a lot:

I’m starting to get reviews like these organically, from people I’ve never met who’ve found the book in other ways. Some I’m guessing are from recommendations, others from my advertising, maybe others just from searches or random discovery. It’s still a slow process getting press (seven reviews on Amazon, ten ratings on GoodReads, one review on BookBub), but it’s moving along. These are very encouraging – I’ve been happy all day.

First review!

I got my first review on Amazon, and it’s a good one!

5.0 out of 5 stars

Funny, suspenseful, Tolkien-GOT-type world.

June 13, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

Verified Purchase

From the start, the humorful characters and suspense keep you reading and reading. Humourful, if you’re English. Dobson has created a smart fantasy world that’s just right, creative but not overwhelmingly abstract or strange. I hope he writes another!

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