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Amazonian praise

The book has received two new Amazon reviews – one from a user who doesn’t post too many reviews:

And another from a user who posts a lot:

I’m starting to get reviews like these organically, from people I’ve never met who’ve found the book in other ways. Some I’m guessing are from recommendations, others from my advertising, maybe others just from searches or random discovery. It’s still a slow process getting press (seven reviews on Amazon, ten ratings on GoodReads, one review on BookBub), but it’s moving along. These are very encouraging – I’ve been happy all day.

First sale from Amazon ads

So, I’ve been playing around with advertising on several platforms. I’ve figured I probably need some more reviews and buzz before this will work, but I figured it was fine to experiment. Although I’m reported to be generating clicks on Facebook, Google, and Amazon, I have not yet generated a confirmed sale.

Until today!

Yes, as of today I have officially paid $25 to Amazon to sell $5 worth of books, for which I’ll receive $3 and they’ll receive $2. Clearly, this business model is not yet working, but this is the first inkling that it might work eventually. Pretty cool.

The Binge

This showed up on my Kindle Unlimited feed today. The Unlimited version of the book has exactly 587 pages, so it looks like somebody just destroyed the book in one sitting. Even funnier, this showed up a little after noon, so it must have been an all-morning kind of thing.

Unlimited readers

The past two days were the first tim in the month or so since the release of Flames Over Frosthelm that I’ve had Kindle Unlimited readers read more pages than the book is long. They report 746 pages on Friday and 718 on Thursday, both more than the 587 length of the book in Kindle’s page equivalents, which are a little smaller than regular book pages.

That’s really neat! It’s possible somebody read it all in one day, but it’s more likely that a few people read parts of it. I suppose it’s even technically possible that 746 people read one page each, but that would be silly.

Readers in the past two days were from Canada, the U.K., and the United States, but I had some pages read in India earlier this week, nearly enough for the whole book. I feel a little weird spying on the reading habits of others, but it’s pretty fascinating.

Inquisitors Guild Headquarters

As I’ve been working on the sequel to Flames Over Frosthelm, I’ve realized I really need a better idea of how the guild headquaters is laid out. I made up the attached maps of the Guild Hall to contain the parts referenced in the books.

Obviously, though, it doesn’t have to be this way – it can be however you imagined it.  

Things you didn’t used to get to know

One of the neat things about GoodReads is that you can see actual people you’ve never met reading your book (with names and pictures). Just got the first indication (only a few days into this process) that somebody I have never met is reading. A very nice feeling. Thanks, Gerry! I hope you enjoy it.

First review!

I got my first review on Amazon, and it’s a good one!

5.0 out of 5 stars

Funny, suspenseful, Tolkien-GOT-type world.

June 13, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

Verified Purchase

From the start, the humorful characters and suspense keep you reading and reading. Humourful, if you’re English. Dobson has created a smart fantasy world that’s just right, creative but not overwhelmingly abstract or strange. I hope he writes another!

Flames Over Frosthelm released!

Dobnarr (1)

At long last, my first novel, Flames Over Frosthelm, is available on Amazon. I hope you enjoy it.

Kindle edition is linked below:

Paperback is here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1073513718

A very exciting day.

Working on release…

I’m working on getting my book ready for release on Amazon. Reading up on some technical information and some advice from other authors. I’m also trying to get settled on a cover. I’ve had some trouble settling on a title and a cover image, but hopefully I can get to something I like soon. I’ve got my author account set up on GoodReads, so I hope that will be a place where I can connect with potential readers (and, once the book has been out for a while, talk to readers about the book and other projects). All this is complex, with many moving parts, but it’s exciting, too.

Is this thing on?

Starting up the author website. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Let’s hope it all works.

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